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A.) How do I login to my account?

Answer: If you are trying to login to your account you will want to make sure that you are doing the following things:
1.) Start by going to the following website:
2.) Find the link to login
3.) You will then need to put in your user id, which is your email address, and then your password. Once you have done this you will need to make sure that you have clicked on the submit button in order to enter the area for members.
B.) If I want to change my password, or recover it, what do I need to do?
Answer: Follow these steps if you need to retrieve your password or you want to change it:
It is very important to realize that you are not able to change your password until you have entered the member’s area of your account. Once you have logged in, you will be able to click on the “My Account” section that can be found at the top right of this screen. Then, you will find that it is very easy to change your password from there. You simply need to find the “Change Password” link and click on it. This will allow you to make any changes or updates that you need to make. Now, if you have lost your password there is a way to get it back. You will need to start by taking the time to go to and putting in your username, remember that this is your email address. Then, you will need to enter your password. If you have not found this information to be helpful and you still need assistance logging into the member’s area, you will want to send a message in our contact page.

C.) What information is available and how can I use it?

Answer: It is very important to keep in mind that the information you receive will be different based on the search that you perform. However, it is also very important to remember that this website has a very large database of public information. With that being said, individuals that are attempting to find information will need to realize that they are not going to get information that is not open to the public in the first place. This would include information such as driving records, social security numbers, credit reports or even medical history.

D.) How will I be able to utilize the information that I receive in a search?
Answer: Users are NOT allowed to use the information that they find in the following ways:
1.) This information cannot be used in order to simply find someone to create some type of news story about them
2.) To physically, or emotionally, hurt the person that the search is conducted on
3.) Information is not to be used by individuals that are involved with an adoption at any step in the process
4.) Not to be used as a way to gain any type of information on any well-known celebrities, or even government official
5.) To evaluate if someone is eligible for any type of credit or insurance or to determine if the person is actually eligible for any type of assistance or benefit through the government
6.) For anything that is not within the normal realm of business which you conduct on a regular basis
7.) Not to be used to screen for employment possibilities or for to decide if the person can rent off of you or another individual
8.) Information can be inaccurate at times so the information should never be used for skip tracing

E.) Why would the results that I am given be inaccurate or even outdated?
Answer: often uses many different sources o n the internet in order to gather information that you are asking for. The creators of this website do not actually verify the information or make changes to it. They might even take a great deal of time to update any of the information that they have. The site owners and creators do not have any control over the databases that they use when gathering information and they do not guarantee that the information will be correct or accurate. They do not state that they will correct any information either if it is found to be wrong.
It is also very important to remember that this website is not acting as a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the information that can be found within the site is not used with the intent of giving credit reports as they are defined by the FCRA. Therefore, it is also very important to make sure that users fully understand that this information cannot be used to determine if someone is eligible for any type of credit or insurance, to determine if there are any risks with the persons current credit situation, to make any decisions related to the person’s current job or even the possibility of getting another job, or to decide if it would be a good idea to enter into any joint venture with this person as a partner of any sort.
This website is also not responsible for any transactions, no matter what kind, that might have come out of the information that was found on this website.

F.) Can I use your site to gain social security number records or even credit reports?
Answer: is not an agency that reports on credit. Therefore, it is very important to realize that we are not allowed to give you any information that is not already public information and that would include social security numbers and records. When you use the social security number verification you will simply be checking the validity of the number that was provided.

Physical Document Information and Questions
G.) Will I get hard copies of the documents that I have requested?
Answer: Please remember that you will not be mailed a hard copy of any of the information that you have researched. You will be able to go back into the system and look at the search history area in order to look back on anything that you have researched and you will have the option to do this for 60 days. Also, once you find what you are looking for, you will be able to save or download all of the information so that you will have this information for as long as you need it.

H.) Will I be provided with birth certificates through your site?
Answer: This website will not issue any birth certificates by mail or to be downloaded. If you do a birth certificate search on this site you are going to be given the following information: the person’s full name, the city where they were born, the state where they were born, and the full date of when they were born.

I.) Will I be provided with a marriage certificate through this site?
Answer: No, you will not be given a marriage certificate, or a copy, if you search on this site. You will be given the following information in relation to your search: the name and age of both the bride and the groom, the date that they were married, the state and city where the filing number was issued and what the filing number actually is.

J.) Will I be provided with a death certificate if I use this site?
Answer: Again, you will not be given a death certificate when you search this site. You will, however, be given this information: the person’s full name, their date of death, the state where they died, as well as the city where they passed away.

K.) Can I get a divorce decree through this site?
Answer: No, this site will not issue you a divorce decree. If you make the decision to carry out a search on this site, you will be given this information: the name of the respondent, the name of the individual that petitioned for the divorce, the date that they filed for the divorce, the state that the divorce was filed in, as well as the filing number that the case was given.

Information Related to the Member’s Area
L.) Can you please explain to me how I use your service?
Answer: If you have been trying to use this service and you are continuing to have problems then you will want to try the following steps:
1.) Start by going to and putting in the username (email address) that you have decided to use, and your password. Now, if you are not able to remember your username or password then you can go to and enter the information that you do have in order to retrieve your password or your username.
2.) Once you are in, you will want to find the search button that is on the left side of the page. Once you see it, you need to click on it.
3.) Start by filling in the boxes that are provided. It is very important for you to remember that you should not but more than two words in each box. When you finally have everything in the boxes, the only thing left to do is to click the search button that is found at the bottom.
4.) Once the access links have appeared on the paper you will be able to review all of your search results. If that does not work, you will need to follow the instructions that are found on the page. You should have access to all of that information in a very short amount of time.
There might be some times when you do not get any results from your search. When this happens, you will want to go back to the search fields and simply try to remove some information. This can help broaden your search and it might give you more information. For example, you can try to remove the city that you had entered and see if that helps you.
M.) What would my account to this website actually include?
Answer: When you make the decision to purchase a membership to this site you will have access to over 20 different searches that will give you unlimited use. You will be given access to different resources and tools as well that will be able to help you with any search that you want to do.
If you are wondering what the unlimited searches include you will want to continue reading this. You will be able to search arrest records, warrant records, people searches by name or by address, public records, marriage and divorce searches, as well as sex offender searches. That is only a few samples of the unlimited searches that you will be able to complete.

Criminal Record Information
O.) Can you please explain how I would read and interpret the criminal records results?
Answer: When you carry out a search like this you will either receive a list of the person’s criminal records or you will have a lack of information related to a specific search that you have completed.
It is always best to make sure that you are using extreme caution when you are interpreting any results that you receive. You should never assume that the results you have received are accurate or current. This website will not explain or provide explanation for any of the results that are found. If you need assistance with understanding the results that you received then you will want to make sure that you are contacting an attorney or other legal aid.
Also, make sure that you are looking at the user agreement in order to fully understand the use of this information.

P.) Which states allow me to complete a search of criminal records?
Answer: There are some states that will not allow you to have access to criminal records, or they might set a limit on what you are allowed to have access to. Therefore, not every search that you do will give you the results that you are looking for. However, you are able to view the Coverage Area Page in order to see what states will give you access to certain records. This can be found by looking at /coverage.html.

Q.) Can I use your criminal records check to do employee background checks?
Answer: You need to realize that this website is not considered to be a consumer reporting agency as it has been defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The information that can be found through this database has not been collected with the intent of giving a consumer report. You are not allowed to use the information that you find on this website to do the following things: (1) determine if someone is eligible for insurance or any type of credit, (2) determine if they have any risks related to the current credit that they have, (3) determine if someone should be hired, promoted, or released from a position or if you should enter into any business agreements or any other transactions with the person.

R.) Will I get an email confirming any purchases that I made through this website?
Answer: Yes you will. When you make a purchase you will actually get two different emails. One of these emails will be from our website with your login information. The second email will come from our payment processor and it will contain all of your purchase information.
S.) Can you please tell me what my receipt number is?
Answer: Our payment processor will actually send you your payment information through email. Each time that you make a payment you will get an email from them and it will have your receipt number on it. If you are interested in finding it on our website you can go to the “My Account” page within the member’s area. You can find the number you are looking for in the “My Orders” section.

T.) Is it possible for me to be re-billed?
Answer: This website is not a website that is in favor or any type of automated rebilling. With that being said, you will have the option to upgrade your plan through If you do that you will be billed $4.95 and you will have a 3 day trial. If you cancel within those 3 days you will still be billed the $4.95 but that is all. Then, you will simply be billed monthly for your plan. If you are looking for any reimbursements through or you want to cancel with them you must contact them directly.

V.) What personal information of mine will you collect?
Answer: This website will collect personal information from you when you: (1) Sign up for one of our mailing lists, (2) you decide to contact us, (3) you sign up for one of our membership plans, (4) you order products or any services that we have. When you do one of these things and we collect information we will be collecting your name, address, email address and your phone number. Any searches that you complete will also be saved for 60 days and after that they will be deleted. This websites payment processor will gather any of your billing information if you make any purchases.
This website may also collect some non-personal information from you as well. This might include your IP address, your server type, or even the operating system that you might be using. Click streaming data might be collected as well and this would include how often you visit the site as well as what pages you visit the most or what time of the day you tend to visit the site. Your information will not be sold or traded with no matter what.
W.) Is the person that I am looking for ever notified that I have searched for them?
Answer: The searches that you complete are confidential so the person that you are searching will never be notified.

No Results Found
X.) Why are preliminary search results different from results found in the member’s area at times?
Answer: When the preliminary search is conducted it completes a people search to simply verify that the person does exist in the United States. It is simply meant to be used as a reference point for you when you start a search.

Y.) Why am I not able to find the information that I am looking for?
Answer: If you have been searching for some time and you are not able to find what you are looking for then you will want to make sure that you are using all of the search options that are available through the membership area. If you are still not able to find the results that you are looking for then you will want to contact a customer support technicians in order to assist you. You can simply email your search details to us through our contact page.